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Brine Disposal Options For Water Desalination In The Nap Region

Question: Depict about the Brine Disposal Options For Water Desalination In The Nap Region. Answer: Presentation Because of touchy increment in the number of inhabitants on the planet with financial advancement prompts increment popular of water. Breunig et al. (2013) expressed that the deficiency of water is perhaps the best issue inside the advanced society.Desalination of the seawater is most ideal approach to flexibly of water to the number of inhabitants on the planet, yet broad release of saline solution influences the marine biota. Barronet al. (2015) opined that desalination of the seawater is a choice to raise the water amount, which are required for the agrarian purposes in NAP locale. This writing audit depends on saline solution removal choices for desalination of water inside the NAP locale. Dawoudet al. (2012) refered to that hold assimilation is utilized so as to reward the water for the agrarian applications. It expels the salts from the seawater. The method of converse assimilation delivers a surge of high immaculateness water that is characterized as saline solution. The motiv ation behind this examination is to distinguish the salt water removal alternatives for water desalination inside NAP locale and particular holes in the choices. This examination is led to forestall dangers of asset manageability and fulfill prerequisites to raise the creation just as conveyance of consumable water. In this way, the legislature is centered around desalination over the area, creation of tremendous treatment and produces interest for overall information with current cutting edge innovations. Salt water removal choices for desalination of water Cultivation in the Northern Adelaide Plains (NAP) is novel in that it is the biggest shrouded editing locale in Australia. Desalination of plant influences the earth by coming back to significant level of temperature concentrated salt water to the ocean. Morilloet al. (2013) showed that the degree of powerlessness of condition to saltiness changes from position to position. Another effect of the earth guidelines and EPA gauges are that when different items are utilized inside substance cleaning of layers just as cleaning are likely of inside the ocean. The items are confined inside desalination brackish water, in this manner plausible negative effects from discarding saline solution inside ocean are offered if the brackish water is formed just as cheerful to saltworks. Saline solution requires exact removal, there are many salt water removal strategies, which are accessible, and it comprises of different ecological just as capital expenses (Burnet al. 2015). Coming up next are the sa line solution removal choices for desalination of the water in the NAP area. 2.1 Surface water release In a portion of the cases, the salt water is being released to the surface water bodies like waterway just as lakes. Gilronet al. (2016) expressed that it is an ease answer with the end goal of desalination of water inside the NAP area. This saline solution removal strategy is utilized to control point just as non-point contamination sources to the surface waters. This strategy ensures that the water is being dealt with precisely just as leftover squanders are being reused appropriately. This salt water removal grants to be done by National contamination release disposal frameworks (NPDES). Profound water infusion well Saline solution is being infused into the subsurface arrangement of rock. It is a significant expense arrangement as the expense for boring just as upkeep of well is high. This profound water infusion strategy is additionally named as saline solution removal. Bamagaet al. (2016) expressed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) manages this infusion well. The development of well is subject to the infusion liquid infused just as profundity of infusion zone. The profound water infusion well is expected so as to infuse dangers just as carbon dioxide profound under the outside of the Earth (Sanchez, Nogueiraand Kalid 2015).This brackish water removal technique is to be utilized on topographical conditions inside the area (Barronet al. 2013).The authorization of this strategy is to be taken by underground infusion control. Dissipation Pond Saline solution is gathered inside the surface impoundment that permits the brackish water to center as the water is vanished into the environment. For this removal strategy, there are no such government license is required. Prez-Gonzlezet al. (2012) opined that in a portion of the states, there are necessity of observing. From numerous hundreds of years, vanishing lake is utilized so as to create of salt. For the saline solution removal, the dissipation of lakes are required to concentrate on the brackish water causing precipitation of precious stones of salt as far as possible is to be accomplished. Morilloet al. (2013) contended that the components those are affecting the productivity of this strategy are profundity of lake just as surface territory. The issues, which are identified with dissipation lake, are spillage of the lake. There is spillage inside the lake, at that point it results in outpouring of saline solution contaminants into touching groundwater. Land application For the capacity and removal of the saline solution water, perhaps the best option is utilization of it in the agrarian grounds. In the particular locales of the nation where the grass or the trees are salt lenient the saline solution water can be utilized to water them. Al-Karaghouli and Kazmerski(2013) expressed that this removal procedure depends on some specific contemplations, which are, the grouping of the salt and synthetic are sufficiently appropriate to keep away from the sullying of the ground water and soil of that locale. Metkeet al. (2016) opined that the degree of the concoction and the salt are demonstrated by the ground water saltiness and vegetation resistance. While utilizing the saline solution water for water system, it must be guaranteed that, at the hour of overwhelming precipitation or floods some other removal strategies are accessible for the brackish water as the progression of the precipitation alongside the salt water can cause the unfavorable impacts on t he wetlands that are gainful for living space improvement. Before removal of the brackish water in the horticultural grounds the site must be chosen relying upon specific components, as pre application treatment of the chose land, land prerequisites for minerals, surface overflow rate, vegetation at the chose land and ultimately the pressure driven stacking rate.Sanchez, Nogueiraand Kalid(2015) refered to that notwithstanding that, the saline solution water can be infused inside a characteristic underground structure which is disengaged from different parts geographically. This will help the removal of the saline solution water inside the land without sullying the groundwater that can be utilized as the drinking water and in rural terrains. Aghdamet al.(2016) expressed that as this option requires least yearly expense, in this way it is considered as the most affordable brackish water removal strategy. The contaminants in the saline solution water helps in evacuating the particles, salts and substantial metals in the arrangement. Finally the contaminants winds up as a land fill in the wetland zones. Dawoudet al. (2012) exhibited that this technique is likewise considered as the earth amicable method of arranging the saline solution water since it doesn't require a colossal force hotspot for arranging the brackish water. While thinking about this as a reasonable answer for the brackish water removal, it is imperative to observe that, for arranging the salt water in the grounds, the territory must be sufficiently large so that, the progression of the saline solution ought not influence the individuals around that region. Sewer release Sanchez, Nogueiraand Kalid(2015) opined that the sewage release of the saline solution water is another productive strategy that uses the current framework of any district. Besides, the convergence of the particles and mineral salts in the saline solutions water additionally gets weakened in the event that it is released in the sewage treatment plan. Simultaneously it is likewise critical to remember that, it can cause the development of the microscopic organisms in the sewage framework as the brackish water is useful in creating condition that helps in the development of the microbes. Moreover, this will build the heap for the current sewage treatment plan because of the included particles and metals. Despite the fact that it is a reasonable alternative for removal of the Brine water, however before the removal, it is critical to deal with the accompanying elements, volume and sythesis of the saline solution that will be released, conceivable effect of the salt water on the treatmen t plan. For instance it is seen that, because of the inordinate release of the Brine water in the sewage framework causes the precipitation of the calcium carbonate on the channels of the treatment plan. Now and again it is seen that, the release of the Brine arrangement can lessen the natural oxygen request (BOD) if there should be an occurrence of the waste water that is useful in the majority of the conditions. In the event of the Valley of sun, the sewage release is utilized for removal of the brackish water. Residue control The utilization of the brackish water answer for controlling the residue is considered as the financially savvy, legitimate and proficient route in various nations of the world. It is a savvy answer for controlling the residue as it accessible for a lot lesser value contrasted with the street salts (Boskoet al. 2014). Saline water or the brackish water conveyed from oil and gas wells and various sources, for instance, salt water treatment plants and wells can be used as a residue suppressant and road stabilizer on unpaved auxiliary lanes. The salt water in the wets the streets and ties the minuscule soil particles with one another, which understudy helps in decreases the development of the residue. Just special case in this technique is the salt water produced from the shale arrangement process can't be utilized as a residue suppressant on the streets. Codayet al.(2014) expressed that before spreading the saline solution on the streets as a suppressant, it is essential to guarantee t hat, there is no water body close to the street, as the brackish water will get streamed away with the water of downpour. In this setting it is additionally recommended that, the brackish water ought not be spread in the blustery season or on the wet streets, as it can stream away to the water bodies close to the street and sully it. This may influence the natural way of life in

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Big Bang Theory Development Research Paper Example

Theory of the universe's origin Development Research Paper Example Theory of the universe's origin Development Paper Theory of the universe's origin Development Paper The Theory of the Big Bang began from perceptions and logical realities. The Big Bang hypothesis areas that after the Big Bang the presence extended from its unique pea-sized starting to cosmic extents. what's more, the growth of the presence despite everything proceeds with today yet at a much more slow rate. In the twentieth century numerous logical advancements were made by researchers that added to the imaginative movement of the Big Bang Theory. In 1910 Vesto Slipher was the first individual to identify relocations in quite a while in universes. What he had found was the galactic red movements. A galactic red move is a superseding of otherworldly lines toward longer frequencies. What Slipher explicitly watched was that the ghastly lines of numerous clouds displayed a rosy dislodging that demonstrated signal off from planet Earth. Around 1912 Carl Wilhelm Wirtz like Vesto Slipher watched a precise red move of nebulae. While identifying the red move he went to the choice that comparative with the current area of the close planetary system the snaking nebulae is going off from the nearby planetary group. He in this manner found that it is going off from the nearby planetary group at 656 kilometers for every second. This gave test grounds that the presence was spread excursion. In 1916 Albert Einstein distributed his Theory of General relativity. The General relativity Theory expresses that gravity emerges from the arch of limitless and clasp. It other than said that the presence was either attempted or spread trip. Today the hypothesis is utilized to delineate gravity in common ways of thinking. Einstein’s hypothesis was persuasive to the improvement of the Big Bang hypothesis since it made the cosmogonic constant. Alexander Friedmann utilized Einstein’s hypothesis so as to think of his ain discoveries. He applied general relativity to cosmology without using the cosmogonic perpetual. He discovered answers for field conditions that made the primer work of the Big Bang Theory. His answers made the Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker Universe. Friedmann’s work was essential to the advancement of the Big Bang Theory since his work demonstrated that it is probability of a modifying presence. Georges Lemaitre expressed that the presence started with an explosion of a native particle in 1927. This idea was hence called the Big Bang. Lemaitre utilized the Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker Universe and Einstein’s General Relativity as a base to his theory. With his speculation he made a hypothetical record of the presence to identify the relocations in the Spiral Nebulae. With this hypothetical record he had the option to turn out that the presence was in certainty spread trip. Edwin Hubble found that different worlds exist other than the Milky Way Galaxy. With this think that its made the chance of a Bang increasingly conceivable. In 1929 Edwin Hubble distributed Hubble’s Law . This law expresses that the downturn speed of an inaccessible extragalactic item is straight comparative with its separation. His perception reasoned that the presence was one time compacted undertaking. His statute prompted the imaginative movement of the Big Bang Model. These researchers added to the imaginative action to the Big Bang hypothesis. as we probably am aware it is to be today. A significant number of these researchers utilized each other’s work I request to advance or elucidate their ain perceptions or discoveries. Despite the fact that these researchers were at last ready to explain the methodology of the Big Bang they were non effective in clear uping why the Big Bang happened.

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10Web Review WordPress Sites Management Platform

10Web Review WordPress Sites Management Platform Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!10Web Review: WordPress Sites Management PlatformUpdated On 02/02/2018Author : Mudita JhaTopic : WordPressShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogWith the internet today makes most of our tasks easier by the internet solutions available in the form of websites and portals. With the easy availability of such solutions in every budget range, anyone can launch their website effortlessly. There are many website building platforms, some designed especially for the beginners and some might need a prerequisite knowledge about technical coding. Few of my personal favorite website building platforms are:WordPressJoomlaDrupalNow, when website development has become feasible, website management also needs to be made feasible enough for the developers to maintain their website online. Website development is not the only thing that needs to be done. A we bsite will always be incomplete without set user plugins and add-ons that enhance its performance and enable it to function smoothly.For example, in WordPress, its highly customizable nature lets you utilize numerous services that offer premium plugins, different themes, backup options, etc.We require a platform, which single-handedly manages all such requirements of every website owner. One such internet service that helps us deal with these points is 10Web.About 10Web10Web provides everything for WordPress websites. It is an international WordPress CMS support service. WordPress website owners are offered with 50+ premium plugins, various themes, add-ons and much more at reasonable prices. 10Web is complimented especially for its instinctive and easy-to-use features. The popular services offered by them comprise of SEO, image optimization, automatic backup. They are planning to introduce Hosting, Security, and Uptime services as well. You can manage multiple websites easily from a single dashboard.Services providedSEO: You can use the tested SEO methods to improve the presence of your WordPress website over the internet. Using the SEO services, you can easily increase traffic and conversions.Image Optimization: To improve the buffer time used in loading your WordPress website, automatic resizing and compression of all the images can be done with the help of image optimizer service. This will also help in saving space.Automatic backup: 10Web offers secure backup provision for your WordPress site files and database. These backup solutions are quite simple, yet powerful and you can easily restore the backup files from 10Web’s dashboard anytime you want.READ5 Free Thesis Alternatives for BeginnersManager Plugin: Connect and manage all your WordPress websites on 10Web dashboard with the help of 10Web’s Manager plugin.Numerous Themes: You get the access to 60+ themes to play with. These easy-to-use high quality yet lightweight themes are your collection to cho ose from.WordPress Plugins: WordPress has made it possible for beginners to make their customized websites and hence, has become the most preferred and used platform because of the various plugins available. You get an entire store of high-quality plugins to choose from and download.Security: 10Web will soon be adding another great feature to the list, that is, their security service for WordPress websites for adding extra protection against hackers. All your personalized data will be secured.Pricing and PlansThere are three different plans to choose from according to the user’s requirements. Each of these three plans has different features and are priced according to the services they offer.BasicPrice: $12 per monthThree domainsSlider, Gallery, Form +60 Plugins/Add-onsUnified DashboardBackup: 10GB storageUse Premium Products Even After CancellationStandardPrice: $30 per monthTen domainsBackup: 40GB storageRest features same as the Basic planUse Premium Products Even After Cancell ationPremiumPrice: $80 per month50 domainsImage Optimizer: 250,000 Images/Month (New)Backup: 140GB storageUse Premium Products Even After CancellationRest features just like the Basic plan10Web offers you a full-featured, 14 days free trial for all of the plans to let its users make sure if their services are worth your time and money. And one of their genuine features is that you can cancel anytime and use the premium plugins lifetime even after cancellation.So, if you own a website or planning to start with one, 10Web will be your best Website manager!

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What Is a Plus Four Confidence Interval

In inferential statistics,  confidence intervals for population proportions rely upon the standard normal distribution to  determine unknown parameters of a given population given a statistical  sample of the population. One reason for this is that for suitable sample sizes, the standard normal distribution does an excellent job at estimating a binomial distribution. This is remarkable because although the first distribution is continuous, the second is discrete. There are a number of issues that must be addressed when constructing confidence intervals for proportions. One of these concerns what is known as a â€Å"plus four† confidence interval, which results in a biased estimator. However, this estimator of an unknown population proportion performs better in some situations than unbiased estimators, especially those situations where there are no successes or failures in the data. In most cases, the best attempt to estimate a population proportion is to use a corresponding sample proportion. We suppose that there is a population with an unknown proportion p of its individuals containing a certain trait, then we form a simple random sample of size n from this population. Of these n individuals, we count the number of them Y that possess the trait we are curious about. Now we estimate p by using our sample. The sample proportion Y/n is an unbiased estimator of p. When to Use the Plus Four Confidence Interval When we use a plus four interval, we modify the estimator of p. We do this by adding four to the total number of observations, thus explaining the phrase â€Å"plus four. We then split these four observations between two hypothetical successes and two failures, which means that we add two to the total number of successes. The end result is that we replace every instance of Y/n  with (Y 2)/(n 4), and sometimes this fraction is denoted by  p with a tilde above it. The sample proportion typically works very well at estimating a population proportion. However, there are some situations in which we need to modify our estimator slightly. Statistical practice and mathematical theory show that the modification of the plus four interval is appropriate to accomplish this goal. One situation that should cause us to consider a plus four interval is a lopsided sample. Many times, due to the population proportion being so small or so large, the sample proportion is also very close to 0 or very close to 1. In this  type of situation, we should consider a plus four interval. Another reason for using a plus four interval is if we have a small sample size.  A plus four interval in this situation provides a better estimate for a population proportion than using the typical confidence interval for a proportion. Rules for Using the Plus Four Confidence Interval The plus four confidence interval is an almost magical way to calculate inferential  statistics more accurately in that simply adding in four imaginary observations to any given data set, two successes and two failures, it is able to more accurately predict the proportion of a data set which fits the parameters. However, the plus-four confidence interval isnt always applicable to every problem. It can only be used when the confidence interval of a data set is above 90% and the sample size of the population is at least 10. However, the data set can contain any number of successes and failures, though it does work better when there are either no successes or no failures in any given populations data. Keep in mind that unlike the calculations of regular statistics, inferential statistics calculations  rely on a sampling of data to determine the most likely results within a population. Though the plus four confidence interval corrects for a larger margin of error, this margin must still be factored in to provide the most accurate statistical observation.

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Anne Style Of Anne Francis Robbins - 894 Words

Anne Francis Robbins was born in New York City on July 6th, 1921. Anne’s early life seemed like it would not lead to be anything nearly as successful as it did. Early on in her life Anne would acquire the name Nancy. When Nancy was born her father left her and her mother. Nancy’s mother Edith, who was a young actress, sent Nancy to go live with her aunt and uncle in Maryland. Here she attended a community school titled Sidwell Friends School. Nancy would regularly travel with her aunt to see her mother in New York City. Nancy’s mother would go on to marry a very prominent neurosurgeon from Chicago. Nancy would then move back in with her mother and her new stepfather who adopted her. Nancy now went from poor/middle class to very wealthy.†¦show more content†¦After being in three films and a couple guest spots, Nancy decided quit acting and focus on raising their family. They then had another kid, counting Ronald’s two other kids, made four in total. In 1967, Ronald was elected as the governor of California. Nancy immediately took the role as her beloved state. She was quickly criticized after speaking out about governor’s mansion calling it a â€Å"fire trap† before moving her family to a Sacramento suburb. The press and Ronald’s political opponents recognized her as snobbish, though she had only moved for the safety of her family. Her reputation soon healed itself after becoming involved in the foster grandparents program. She was than known as a â€Å"model first lady.† In 1980 Ronald was elected president of the United States, after a failed campaign in 1976. In 1982 she championed a drug abuse awareness and education program. She spread the awareness by traveling throughout the U.S. and other foreign countries. In 1985 the â€Å"Just Say No† campaign took off, but was criticized by some as simplistic. Though the criticism was still in affect, the National Crusade for a Drug Free America act was finalized by President Reagan in 1986. â€Å"The president’s personal protector† was said to be Nancy’s most important role as the first lady. When there was an assassination attempt on President Reagan, Nancy took it as her concern to make sure she knows what he’sShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages Organizational Behavior This page intentionally left blank Organizational Behavior EDITION 15 Stephen P. Robbins —San Diego State University Timothy A. Judge —University of Notre Dame i3iEi35Bj! Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo Editorial Director: Sally Yagan Director of Editorial Services:

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Americas War on Terror Essay - 1677 Words

With the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City, the United States adopted radical changes to its foreign policy and its response to terrorist threat. With the swift implementation of the USA PATRIOT Act shortly after the attacks (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act), and intervention in Afghanistan, the United States had begun its War on Terror. This war was shepherded by then President George W. Bush. These actions marked the beginning of the War on Terror, and laid the groundwork for the problems experienced by the Obama administration almost ten years later. The USA PATRIOT Act was a statute designed to unburden law enforcement agencies from privacy†¦show more content†¦conduct in the ‘war on terror,’ especially the use of Guantanamo to circumvent legal protections of the rights of prisoners detained there† (Lowenthal 2009: 19). The United States initiated Operation Iraqi Freedom on 20 March 2003, without NATO approval, beginning with targeted bombing of Iraq, and soon a full-scale invasion. This has proved to become an unpopular war, for some because of the motivations behind it or because of the perceived lack of progress in Iraq, attributed to â€Å"enemy body counts and casualty ratio data† which â€Å"is quantifiable and commonly viewed by the public as a reasonable indicator of success (or, more likely, failure)† (Boettcher and Cobb 2006: 833). It also damaged the United States’ international standing because the war in Afghanistan â€Å"was followed by the deeply controversial Iraqi war of shock and awe which fractured the international legal order so carefully crafted in the crucible of Lake Success in 1945† (Steyn 2004: 7). To the present day, the United States remains engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq; and continues to operate military camps outside of legal jurisdiction in Guantanamo Bay. These actions and decisions have formed the cornerstone of the USA’s response to terrorism. Barack Obama was elected President of the United States in the 2008 election, promising to close Guantanamo Bay’s military camps and provide a timeline for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Both of these promises are yet to be met, however theShow MoreRelatedPresident Obama s Foreign Policy758 Words   |  4 PagesLindsay (2011), President Bush’s foreign policy was dominated, first by the ‘war on terror’, and second by his ‘freedom agenda.’ This suggests that President Bush’s foreign policy was largely driven by ideology. Lindsay (2011:766) argues that during the war on terror â€Å"fighting terrorism became not just a priority, but the priority† of American foreign policy. The war on terror was the rationale behind America’s decisions to go to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. According to Lindsay (2011), America invadedRead MoreCharles Krauthammer The 9 / 11 Synthesis Summary840 Words   |  4 PagesIn â€Å"The 9/11 â€Å"Overreaction†? Nonsense.†, Charles Krauthammer selects the supporting side of The United States of America’s reaction to the terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001. Throughout the essay, Krauthammer succeeds in persuading his target audience of conservatives and general Americans that not only was Americas reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attack justified, but it also brought adequate results. Krauthammer utilizes various strategies such as the rhetorical triangle, stylistic techniquesRead MoreTaken Hostage By David Farber1083 Words   |  5 Pagesinforms us of America’s first encounter with radical Islam and what had caused the conflict between them. For four hundred and forty-four days, President Carter tried to put effort into resolving the issues but he failed on releasing the hostages. Since the American people paid close attention to this issue, they were highly disappointed with President Carter and his processes. From our class lectures and throughout the tensions illustrated in Farber’s book, we learn of how the role of Cold War policy hadRead MoreGeorge W. Bush s Foreign Policy Successful1601 Words   |  7 Pagesthe foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel American resolve† - George. W. Bush Prior to World War I, the United States’ foreign policy remained predominantly isolated. However, upon the end of the war, American foreign policy saw a pragmatic shift from its original isolationistic nature to XXXXX . America’s policy then was calling for American to avoid entangling political alliance. The new policy of the United States differed from the original inRead MoreChomsky And The War On Terror1277 Words   |  6 Pagespolitical commentator, social justice activist, and anarcho-syndicalist advocate does an elaborate job in his speech given at Harvard University, to make us question if there really is a war on terror. Chomsky calls everybody a hypocrite and uses the U.S. Army Manual definition of terrorism to argue that there can’t be a war on terrorism because the U.S. is also a terrorist group itself. We can’t fight something if we ourselves do that same thing. Chomsky backs up his claim with many pieces of evidenceRead MoreThe United States And The Islamic State Of Iraq1080 Words   |  5 PagesSuccessful nations allow conflict to arise within and outside of the nation. War is the offspring of such political intercourse. The intention to gain power and control serve as enablers for national and international wars. Attaining power and control expand potential competition from a regional to a global level. The United States have involved itself in such terrorists attacks due to the desire to possess such resources, power and control. The Islamic State of Iraq also commonly known as ‘ISIS’Read MoreThe Realism Theory Of The War On Afghanistan1648 Words   |  7 Pagesthe realism theory in examining the War in Afghanistan. For example, realism explicitly applies to relations between nations and consequently, war between countries. This was not the case, since the war did and still does not involve conflict between America and Afghanistan. Rather the war was between America and the Taliban government that sup ported the infamous terror group, al Qaeda. For this reason, realist theory does not explain this highly controversial war. Another aspect that contravenes realismRead MoreAmerica Is A Great Nation959 Words   |  4 Pagesnumbers don’t feel like people. With numbers, comes distance. To truly understand the severity of any situation, we must take in account the statistics and numbers. But we cannot forget what is precious. On September 11th, 2001, a horrific act of terror struck our nation to the core. Fear, devastating and humbling, lodged into our blessed lives. Over 2,800 American civilians were murdered in cold blood when two planes were hijacked and flown directly into the twin towers (Anderson 3). This atrociousRead MoreThe Us Strategy For Winning The Global War On Terrorism1157 Words   |  5 PagesIn light of this, it should be mentioned that â€Å"the US strategy for winning the Global War on Terrorism is predicated on creating an international environment inhospitable to terrorists and all those who support them† (Fogarty 2001). Meaning, that the fight against terrorism heavily relies on international cooperation. In order to achieve such a feat, nevertheless, America must be amiable by fellow governments and their citizens. Unfortunately, the reports and findings on GTMO makes it increasinglyRead MoreThe War On Terrorism During The United States871 Words   |  4 PagesThe war on te rrorism in the United States began after the September 11 attacks on the United States. Following the war was a series of military campaigns carried out to destroy terrorist organizations in the Middle-East. Led by the George W. Bush administration, America made goals for the war on terror to defeat main targets and terrorist leaders such as Osama bin Laden. The invasion of the Middle-East was supported by the American people at first. After three more years Saddam Hussein’s weapons

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Panera Bread free essay sample

The driving concept behind Panera Bread is to provide a premium specialty bakery and cafe experience to urban workers and suburban dwellers. Panera Breads distinctive menu, signature cafe design, inviting ambience, operating systems and unit location strategy allowed it to compete successfully in five submarkets of the food away from home industry: breakfast, lunch, daytime â€Å"chill out†, light evening eat in or take out, and take home bread. In his letter to shareholders, in the company’s 2005 annual report, Panera chairman and CEO Ron Shaich said: â€Å"we think our continued commitment to providing crave-able food that people trust, served in a warm, community gathering place by associates who make our guests feel comfortable, really matters. † Panera’s target market are urban workers and suburban dwellers who are looking for quick service meals and a more aesthetically pleasing dining experience than that offered by traditional fast food vendors. The competitive strategy which most closely fit the competitive approach of Panera Bread is the broad differentiation strategy. This unique position has contributed to its success by adding a bonus to the mix-specialty food, opening for breakfast, lunch, and dinner also offer hand-tossed salads, signature sandwiches, and hearty soups served in edible sourdough bread bowls along with hot and cold coffee drinks. In addition, providing catering services through its via Panera catering business, suggesting a new time of day to eat specialty foods, calling the time between lunch and dinner †chill-out† time. Moreover, the unique position also has providing an inviting neighborly atmosphere adding to their appeal as well. Yes, Panera Bread will reach its goal of becoming a leading national brand in the restaurant industry because the company is counting on its unique positioning strategy, its signature foods, and savvy execution to make this goal a reality. Q2) Porter’s Five Forces Competitors: The main competition Panera Bread Co. experiences is from coffee shops such as Starbucks and Caribou Coffee, along with specialty restaurants such as Chipotle Mexican Grill. Starbucks is a global company with superior market share and brand awareness. Caribou coffee is closer in scale to Panera Bread Co. ; both have high growth outlooks and are currently expanding. Chipotle competes with Panera Bread at lunch and dinner, whereas Starbucks and Caribou compete with Panera Bread in the mornings and at non-traditional dining hours. Panera Bread Co. ’s free Wi-Fi network gives the company a considerable competitive advantage. Substitutes: Small, privately owned local coffee shops or delis could be substitutes for a chain restaurant such as Panera Bread. The small neighborhood atmosphere that â€Å"mom and pop shops† offer could potentially be eliminated. Panera Bread Co. has the ability to offer a wider array of goods and services than substitutes such as these. Since Panera Bread offers a broad assortment of goods on its menu, the threat of substitutes is not of large concern. Potential Entrants: The specialty restaurant industry is by no means mature and has plenty of room for growth, as seen by Caribou and Panera Bread Co. ’s expansion into new markets. In researching competitors, there were few companies with an identical structure and strategy as Panera Bread Co. , which exhibits its belief that there is room for profit in the specialty restaurant industry. As seen through Chipotle’s success, the specialty chain restaurant model can work and the threat of new entrants to the industry is possible. However, the current restaurant market is experiencing commodity and labor inflation that could contract the current margins in the industry and inhibit new entrants. Power of Suppliers: Since many of Panera Bread’s items on the menu are directly correlated to commodity prices such as wheat and dairy prices, the suppliers are quite powerful in this industry. A recent shift Panera Bread made was attaining some its baked goods from external vendors instead of being produced by its own fresh dough facilities (FDF’s), which again increases the power of suppliers. Customers: Patrons love Panera Bread for the wonderful smells and flavors that fill its stylish and very relaxed bakery/cafe shops. The place tends to be a hotspot for the â€Å"soccer mom† crowd, but with the largest free Wi-Fi network in the country, it looks as though businesspeople may become regulars. Its customers have substitutes in the specialty restaurant industry but Panera Bread Co. tends to have loyal customers. Panera Bread’s strategy is â€Å"to provide a premium specialty bakery and cafe xperience to urban workers and suburban dwellers. The concept is a mix between fast food and casual dining, or fast casual. By choosing this strategy, Panera is attempting to achieve competitive advantage in the unique offerings it provides, offering that rivals don’t have and can’t afford to match. In this case, delicious handcrafted bread arriving fresh daily, served in an inviting atmosphere is the company’s competitive advantage and core competen cy. Q3) Barriers to entry that Panera Bread has created for potential competitor are product differentiation and cost advantages independent of size. The barrier for Panera Bread is low. In product differentiation, Panera Bread very proud for their business because they can delivers high quality of food and products with faster speed compare to other casual dining. Besides, the barrier of cost advantages independent of size is the emergence of fast casual which is the new category in the restaurant industry. The owners of Au Bon Pain and Saint Louis Bread Company felt that they could help pioneer this new category. The maintenance cost is low, there are less competitors. It is necessary to consider entry barriers when assessing dominance, when determining whether unilateral conduct might deter new firms from participating in a market, and when analyzing the likely competitive effects of mergers. Entry barriers because competition will not be reduced if new firms could enter easily, quickly, significantly. Q4) Panera Bread’s primary sources of competitive advantage are its position in the restaurant industry, the atmosphere of its restaurants, the distinctive products, brand strength, customer loyalty, and financial performance. The advantages for position in the industry are avoid from arising of competition, success in positioning and execution, positioning strategy of various restaurant chains and also snack time. Besides, the atmosphere are franchised outlets have been operated, convenience, customer attraction, and also expansions. The next is distinctive products which provides product differentiation and offers various kinds of foods. For brand strength is special in brands and foods and also fast-casual category. Furthermore, the customers loyalty which is teamwork and manager-customer relationship. Lastly, the financial performance can avoid threats to profitability and increase of sales. References 1. Panera Bread position, research from: http://www. antiessays. com/free-essays/421278. html 2. Porter’s five forces, research from: www. trinity. edu/smf/inc/reports/PNRA. oc 3. 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